Format the Drive Or: But It Went Bleep Bloop!

This is here because I think it’s happened at least 5 times and I forget what to do every single time because it’s been just long enough for me to forget.

For Windows (10)

Let’s say you bought a flash drive or, in my case, a SATA SSD. You plug it in to your Windows machine and it goes bleep bloop. You know the sound. However, it doesn’t show up in Explorer. Now, if it shows up in Device Manager (please check that first), it’s almost certainly completely unformatted. This is more common with SATA drives. Go to Disk Management (shows up as Create and format hard disk partitions in Windows 10 when you search for it), find the drive, right click, and select Add a Volume. Congratulations, it works now!

For macOS

For some reason, this always happens to me on Windows, but for macOS: just go to Disk Utility, select the disk, and format it, probably with HFS+ or APFS if Apple allows it now on external disks.

In conclusion, no it’s not broken. Yes, it went bleep bloop. Just format it!